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Floating puzzle toy that can be repurposed as child grows! Start with the basic floating puzzle piec..
Stimulating Edu-Weight shakers have an integrated mirror, rattle and jangles plus various textures &..
Baby’s first workout mat. Soft and colorful, with a baby mirror. Designed to stimulate and pro..
Edushape`s Edu-Fit series all feature high contrast patterns, vivid colors and various textures to s..
An Edu-Foam floating platform supports imaginative structures in pool or bath. Edu-Foam building blo..
Child friendly Hippo toy with Edu-Foam letters which stick to each other, and tiles, when wet. Easy ..
Soft squeezable lovable animals which all squirt water in fun ways: Elephant squirts out of trunk, L..
Equally comfortable in or out of bath, the cute Ladybug Sorter provides educational and developmenta..
Multi-colored Linkets are bumpy, lumpy and squiggly. They snap together to form links or can be used..
Magic Creations™ - "Wet and Stick" foam allows children to create their own imaginar..
Colorful and sized for 6 month and up hands, these percussive instruments are designed so children c..
Colorful 8”, 12” and 16” Rainbomakers have exciting see - through prism walls so k..
Soft, bright red plush ball has high contrast ribbing, plus makes sounds when rolled, to capture you..
High quality 1.3 cm thick Edu-Foam play mat/puzzle suitable for any age! Features six colorful remov..
Filled with fun and discovery, the Power Stretch has multiple high contrast patterns and colors plus..
Great for baby’s first book, delightful self-play, social playing, role playing at its best, n..
This unique and transparent ball allows children to see the colorful mini balls moving around the in..
The Original Sensory Balls are still of the highest quality. Fun, therapeutic and available in many ..
Great for bath and pool fun, Sensory Hoops includes three 2½” floating Edushape Origina..
Small 4" (10 cm) round, sturdy "See-Through", inflatable nubby balls. Assorted colors..
An exciting 3 pack of friendly instruments; perfect for babies to learn about the incredible world o..
A delightful music band for the young musician. Perfect colorful rattles designed to develop early m..
Four separate water toys that snap together and offer physical feedback while water runs through the..
Colorfully assorted rhythm shakers permit children to see where the high pitched metal sound comes f..